Africa: A Deal Source Africa platform has just been launched to support the financing of African companies with high growth potential Africa: Trade with China reached $94.4 billion in the first four months of 2023, up 8.9% from 2022 Mali, Gambia and Djibouti to receive $1.1 billion from the Islamic Development Bank to support agriculture, energy and health The Democratic Republic of Congo is still expected to account for 57% of global cobalt supply from mines in 2030, up from 73% in 2022 Ivory Coast is said to be the best mining jurisdiction in West Africa and ranks third among the most attractive mining jurisdictions in Africa, behind Morocco and Botswana Africa: What would be the outlook for African oil for this year 2023 ? Africa: 53 out of 54 African countries experienced positive developments in 2022 which are expected to continue in the next two years  Africa: Russia’s growing involvement in the African mining sector is an important instrument of geopolitical influence and a means to circumvent Western economic and financial sanctions Africa set to take leadership in global graphite supply from China by 2026 Africa: The African continent has recorded the highest overall productivity increase for wheat in 10 years