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Thomas Dupleix
4 November 2022 Last update on Friday, November 4, 2022 At 9:47 AM

World leader in industrial services, the Altrad group established itself in South Africa several years ago by integrating the Prezioso group. Activities, evolution, prospects: three questions to Steve SALE, Director of GEO Project Management & Rig Source Consultants Altrad Services South Africa.

Ecomnews. Can you tell us about your subsidiary’s activities?

Steve SALE. We are a company that provides support to the business unit in Africa. We hold some high level technical certifications. For example, lifting and lifting machinery inspections. We hold the certification for the business unit to offer this service to customers and we assist them with our staff in ensuring that the compliance and the system used is in line with the requirements of the certification. We also provide staff support and help them do their job.

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Ecomnews. What is your relationship with Europe?

Steve SALE. On the training side of access to Europe, on the consultancy side of risk sources, we run training for our external rope access and we also train, on rope access, the national staff in the country and our experts also come and train in our training centre.

Ecomnews. What is the strength of Altrad Services in South Africa? 

Steve SALE. We provide specialist technical certification and health and safety support to other companies and we have support for planning and in new areas where Altrad is expanding. We also have a base in place with staff going into new areas to ensure that they are delivering the services to a customer to the standards that we have promised and that Altrad has promised to deliver to the customer.” 

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