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31 May 2023 Last update on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 At 11:03 AM

Deal Source Africa, a comprehensive program to connect African businesses with investors and transaction advisors and African impact funds with investors was officially launched at the West Africa Deal Summit held in Accra May 18. The program will help close the $331 billion financing gap for African SMEs, especially those with high growth potential, by offering solutions tailored to their needs.

Companies and funds are invited to register at to access the platform which has been developed with financial support from UKAid’s fund, Research and Development Systems. Innovation for Africa (RISA) and was piloted in 2022.

Deal Source Africa is a digital platform that connects investors and businesses. There are physical and virtual trading rooms where companies can meet investors, and impact fund showcases where investors can meet with African venture capital funds and other local capital providers. Skilled transaction advisors are connected with companies to provide professional support throughout their fundraising journey. The platform’s Deal Officers facilitate contact with investors.

According to the Managing Director of Impact Investing Ghana, Amma Lartey, “research has shown that accelerating the growth of SMEs could significantly hasten the achievement of the SDGs and that creating more effective linkages between businesses, local funds and sponsors could contribute to the deployment of more appropriate patient capital”. Innovative platforms like Deal Source Africa, built and tested with its users, can therefore significantly accelerate the reduction of the financing gap for SMEs“.

Etemore Glover, Managing Director of Nigeria’s National Advisory Council for Impact Investing, said, “The Deal Source Africa platform has the potential to dramatically increase financing for local businesses and capital providers across Africa. . We are delighted to be able to collaborate with Impact Investing Ghana on this initiative and to see it grow across Africa thanks to our partners in other countries. Platforms across Africa with strong local partners are key to bridging the funding gap our businesses face.”

Justina Mensah who runs the Deal Source Africa program shared the program’s successes during the pilot phase. The platform connected 94 companies with 18 investors in Deal Rooms and connected 45 companies with deal advisors for one-on-one support, resulting in three investments being finalized. Justina Mensah invited African businesses seeking financing, venture capital funds and other local capital providers to register at 

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About Impact Investing Ghana:

Impact Investing Ghana (IIGh) is Ghana’s National Advisory Council for Impact Investing. We are an independent, private sector-led initiative that promotes sustainable development and advances the development of the impact investing ecosystem in Ghana. The IIGh represents Ghana on the Impact Investment Steering Group, the successor to the Social Impact Investment Taskforce created by the G8.

The IIGh aims to address Ghana’s most pressing social and environmental challenges by mobilizing more capital to achieve real impact. We are a grassroots platform representing all stakeholders contributing to the redirection of large capital flows with the aim of creating social and environmental impact. The IIGh brings together leaders from finance, business, government, social organizations and philanthropy.

Led by the private sector, but in close partnership with the national government, we raise public awareness, create domain knowledge, change policies and mobilize additional financial resources in the public interest. The IIGh has an ambitious plan to support the growth of impact businesses and catalyze $1 billion in impact funds for investment in impact businesses in Ghana and the West African sub-region. the West. For more information, visit 

About the National Advisory Council for Impact Investing:

The National Advisory Board for Impact Investing is a cross section of influential leaders made up of individuals and organizations united with the aim of growing impact investing in Nigeria. He represents the entire impact investing ecosystem and is dedicated to designing and implementing a national strategy to remove barriers that impede its growth and unlock investment opportunities. more impactful. The National Advisory Council for Impact Investing is collectively accelerating and shaping the impact investing ecosystem in Nigeria.

SOURCE: Deal Source Africa

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