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Denys Bédarride
4 May 2022 Last update on Wednesday, May 4, 2022 At 10:05 AM

After Rwanda, Morocco and Gabon, it is Togo's turn to knock on the door of the Commonwealth. Eight years after its launch, the process of Togo's accession to the Commonwealth has received the anointing of the elected representatives of the people, informs us of the Togolese Republic government portal.

The deputies adopted, after a government briefing, the resolution on the country’s membership of this intergovernmental organization.

The issues, explained to the National Representation by the Minister for Relations with the Institutions of the Republic, Christian Trimua, are multiple.

Thus, whether on the diplomatic, political, economic, commercial or socio-cultural levels, this membership offers Togo the possibility of diversifying its relations, benefiting from new funding, reconnecting with a British political heritage (Togo was a Franco-British condominium), facilitate a new cultural mix, or export to a vast market of more than two billion consumers.

“Togo does not leave the Francophonie. It will only strengthen English teaching programs and reactivate other partnerships,” clarified the head of parliament, Yawa Tségan during the session.

The next step will now be the formal submission of the application.

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