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28 April 2023 Last update on Friday, April 28, 2023 At 4:39 PM

The brewing industry behemoth, which recently acquired South African spirits maker Distell, plans to build a new brewery and malt house.

The Heineken brewing group has announced that it will invest 15.5 billion rand (about $852 million) in South Africa over the next five years.

These investments, which were announced at the 5th South Africa Investment Conference (SAIC) held on April 13, include the construction of a new $165 million brewery and a malting house. for approximately $93.5 million.

Investments of nearly $600 million will also be allocated to maintaining and expanding the group’s existing operations in the continent’s most industrialized country.

Heineken had announced, in November 2022, the acquisition of the South African spirits manufacturer Distell for 2.4 billion dollars. This transaction received the approval of the competition authorities last March.

The operation should allow the Dutch brewer to combine its South African subsidiary (Heineken South Africa), Distell and Namibia Breweries within a new entity called Heineken Beverages.

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