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2 septembre 2021 Dernière mise à jour le Jeudi 2 Septembre 2021 à 14:38

Botswana Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technologies and Energy Security Lefoko Moagi announced that the country plans to become an exporter of electricity by 2027. He shared this information with parliament as he discussed the measures taken for an optimal use of clean energy resources.

According to the official, Botswana launched an Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) in December 2020. It plans to use this plan to meet local energy demand and be able to export surplus electricity. It is a 20-year roadmap for power generation. It takes into account different technologies for the production of electricity, the minister said.

The plan drawn up by the authorities identified the implementation of at least two 50 MW solar photovoltaic projects over the period from 2020 to 2040. According to Minister Lefoko Moagi, 12 small solar photovoltaic projects connected to the grid in six different regions of the country will also be implemented over the same period.

“From the start of the planning period in 2020, Botswana depended on electricity imports and I believe the expected increase in local generation from 2024 will reduce them considerably,” he said.

For the minister, these projects will allow Botswana to diversify its energy production and supply portfolios while limiting its impact on climate change.

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